A taste of the ways the Parmizza team savors flavors, innovation, and cherished traditions.

A bartender garnishing a Parmizza Aperol Spritz
A closeup of a Parmizza Burrata and EVOO Antipasti
A stack of tomatoes leaning up against a wall
Various meats hanging on a clothes line
A closeup of a bartender pouring out a spritz
A table covered in Parmizza, Antipasti and Spritz
A smiling chef in the kitchen
A closeup of a hand placing a plate on a table
Two men smiling and laughing
Parmizza Spritz in glasses and jugs on a pink background
A Parmizza staff member in a pink hat
Cross section of a garlic clove on an olive background
Peppers pinned to a board on a green background
A closeup of a bar with many colourful bottles
A Parmizza team member grabbing a Parmizza
Closeup of a bowl of olives
A Parmizza staff memeber in a white tshirt displaying the Parmizza logo
Neon lights in the shape of a pizza slice
Closeup of Parmizza team member wearing a yellow hat
Closeup of a Parmizza Ice Cream Sandwich dessert
Tomatoes stacked on top of each other leaning against a wall
Fresh tomatos and lemons
A bartender spraying orange oil on a Parmizza Spritz
A Parmizza team member chatting with customers
A Parmizza team member having a conversation with guests
A plaque dedicated to a film
A closeup of a customer cutting up a Parmizza on a table